Wiki Site

The Cleveland Regional Association of Biologists

CRABS is the only Ohio-based Affiliate of the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT.)

This WIKI site is organized into a variety of pages that relate to the many activities that CRABS is involved in, including local activities (forums, conferences, tours, hikes, curriculum initiatives, and activity/laboratory exchanges.) Please use the Index on the left to navigate to the various sections of the CRABS Wiki Site. The site is new and therefore many sections are under construction. But since it IS a Wiki Site, and since you are probably a biology educator AND a member of CRABS, YOU can help in the construction process. If you have questions about the site or about CRABS or about NABT, please write to Rich Benz at

Rich Benz,
Science Specialist at the Lake County Educational Service Center
Region III Coordinator for NABT